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f you are as unlucky as me, then you are in a very restricted environment where the dev servers dont have internet connectivity.

In this case you need to install both WorkflowManager and WorkflowManagerClient and WorkflowManagerTools in your environment offline.

WebPlatform Installer is not an option (not online)

How to fix this:?

1. Dowload them offline:

webpicmd /offline /Products:WorkflowManager /Path:C:\temp\WorkflowManager

webpicmd /offline /Products:WorkflowManagerTools /Path:C:\temp\WorkflowManagerTools

2. Copy the files to your server

3. Install them using webplatform installer on the server, please note you need to install this first on the server even if you dont have internet connectivity you can use command line arguments to intall offline:​

4. Install the components

WebpiCmd.exe /Install /Products:WorkflowManager /XML:c:/temp/WorkflowManager/feeds/latest/webproductlist.xml

WebpiCmd.exe /Install /Products:WorkflowManagerTools /XML:c:/temp/WorkflowManagerTools/feeds/latest/webproductlist.xml

Please note that the first command will run a wizard at the end to join the workflow manager into the farm, I am still struggling with this step, will post something later

– See more at:


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