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Yesterday, when I was trying to Install Workflow Manager via powershell I had the following issue:

Cannot validate argument on parameter ‘SBClientConfiguration’. The Service Bus connection string contains invalid property.

The thing is that when you install workflow manager with the offline web platform installer: see here
At the end of the process, the wizard will open.
There is a trick with this wizard, you cant edit the database names, and if you are like me where you share the sql instance with other development environments, then it doesnt make any sense to use those database names.
So, I tried the copy powershell commands option, and ran it.  Then it failed with the error  here.
However, I noticed then, there is a new tool installed the workflow configuration manager, and in there you have the option to create a new workflow farm, and update the DB settings
Please note this wizard is different to the wizard started at the end of the installation process, this wizard allows you more control (change DB Names)
This post helped me a bit:

– See more at: http://levalencia-public.sharepoint.com/Pages/2014/02/Installing-Workflow-Manager.aspx#sthash.MFB8jhV9.dpuf


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