How to call an asynchronous method in Windows 8.

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In my application, I wanted to get the current location, but because it might take some seconds, I wanted to do it asynchronously.

Normally, you would put this code on the constructor of the class, but if you are using the await keyword, then the method using must be async, and you cant put async in constructors.


So the way to do it, is to rewrite the onnavigatedto method


protected async override void OnNavigatedTo(NavigationEventArgs e)

   TextBlock txt = new TextBlock();          
   var location = await InitializeLocationServices();
   txt.Text = location;

   Grid.SetRow(txt, 0);
   Grid.SetColumn(txt, 1);

private async Task InitializeLocationServices()
            //Initialize geolocator object
            Geolocator geoLocator = new Geolocator();
            if (null != geoLocator)
                    //Try resolve the current location
                    var position = await geoLocator.GetGeopositionAsync();
                    if (null != position)
                        string city = position.CivicAddress.City;
                        string country = position.CivicAddress.Country;
                        string state = position.CivicAddress.State;
                        string zip = position.CivicAddress.PostalCode;
                        string msg = "I am located in " + country;
                        if (city.Length > 0)
                            msg += ", city of " + city;
                        if (state.Length > 0)
                            msg += ", " + state;
                        if (zip.Length > 0)
                            msg += " near zip code " + zip;
                        return msg;
                    return string.Empty;
                catch (Exception)
                    //Nothing to do - no GPS signal or some timeout occured.n .
                    return string.Empty;
            return string.Empty;


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