Customize Access Request functionality

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In order to change how the access request functionality works in sharepoint 2010 you need to create an application page with your functionality, like sending out a different email than the default one. Or saving the access requests in a sharepoint list, etc, up to you what to do there.

Sharepoint 2010 has already an access request application page.  This command will tell you where its located.
Get-SPCustomLayoutsPage -Identity "AccessDenied | Confirmation | Error | Login | RequestAccess | Signout | WebDeleted

To change it, execute the following command.

Set-SPCustomLayoutsPage -Identity "RequestAccess" -RelativePath "/_layouts/custompages/reqacc.aspx" -WebApplication "{replace with web app url}"

Voila!!! Put your logic in the custom app page you created before.

Official doc:


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